Definition of Limp Stab

What does the term "limp stab" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by the term "limp stab" in poker?

In poker, to "limp stab" means to limp into a pot and then try to win the pot with a bet sometime after the flop with nothing in your hand.

The definition of the term Limp Stab in the game of poker.  What is the meaning?For instance, let's say that action folds around to you on the flop. You look down at 3s-4s and decide to call. The small blind folds, while the big blind checks.

The flop brings Ks-9c-9h. The big blind checks and you check behind.

The turn brings the 7c. The big blind checks again, and you decide to take a "stab" at the pot by betting. You have absolutely nothing in your hand, but you are hoping that your opponent has nothing as well and that your positional advantage will allow you to take down the pot.

Experienced players will rarely limp into pots, as limping into a large amount of pots is the sure sign of an amateur player.


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