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What does the term "must move" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "must move"?

Let's say that you travel to your local casino to play some poker. You are told that there is a game that you can sit at with the stakes that you are looking to play, though it is a "must move" table.

The King explains the meaning of the term Must Move when it comes to physical casinos and poker tables.If a "must move" table exists, this means that there is another table (at the same stakes) that the poker room is looking to protect and keep going. This is the "main" game, while your table (the "must move" table) is the secondary game.

When somebody leaves the "main" table (let's say that they bust and decide that they are going home), a player from the "must move" table will be selected to move into the main game. Casinos have different ways of determining who will be the player chosen to move to the table, but usually it is the most recent person to sit at the "must move" table.

This person will be inserted into the "main" game. They can not chose to stay at the "must move" table, as the casino wants to make sure that the "main" table keeps going.


The "must move" concepts exists for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is to protect the "main" table and keep it going. If a couple of players at the main table decide to leave at the same time, the casino doesn't want the game to fall apart.

In addition, the casino is looking to prevent groups of regulars from standing up and moving to a new table when they notice a weak player sitting. By using this "feeder" solution of the "must move" table, the casino ensures that there is no benefit to standing up and sitting at a new table, as the weaker player who sits at the "must move" table will be moved to the main table at the first opportunity.


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