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What does the term "nit fold" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "nit fold"?

In poker, a "nit fold" is a term that is usually used by strong players to describe a fold that they make that is likely too tight.

At the poker table, a "nit" is a player that plays far too tight. They will only ever open premium hands pre-flop and they will fold everything unless they have the nuts or something close to it.

On this page the King explains the meaning of the term Nit Fold in the game of poker.  What is it and what are the examples of it?

So, a "nit fold" is a fold in which you are likely making too tight of a laydown. It is usually a term that is used by strong players to describe a fold that they themselves made - for instance, "I had pocket Aces and he pushed all-in on a board of K-K-2-4-7 on the river. I was going to call but I nit folded instead".

Successful players need to mix up their games in order to succeed. Sometimes it makes sense to play tight, given the other players at the table or the current situation (close to the money bubble), while at other times it makes sense to play loose/aggressive and call with just marginal holdings.

There is a difference between a "nit fold" and a disciplined fold. With a disciplined fold, the player believes that they are making the correct fold, while with a "nit fold", they believe that the correct play is likely a call, though they just can't pull the trigger.


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