Definition of Nitfest

What does the term "nitfest" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by a "nitfest" as it applies to the world of poker?

In poker, a "nitfest" is a game in which most or all of the participants are playing a very tight style.

Meaning and definition of the term Nitfest in the game of poker - King dictionaryA "nit" is somebody who doesn't like to play loose. Instead, a "nit" will wait for monster hands in order to play aggressively. For instance, a "nit" may wait for a big pocket pair before getting involved in pots.

A "nitfest" is not a great place to make money, as everyone is waiting for monster hands. This means that you will either be up against big pocket pairs or A-K pre-flop, or something like a flush or full house/set after the flop.

In order to make a game fun, at least a few of the players will need to be playing in a loose fashion. If everybody is playing tight, you end up in a "nitfest" where it becomes almost impossible to make money.


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