Definition of NLOP

What does the term "NLOP" mean? What is meant by the "National League of Poker"?

NLOP refers to the National League of Poker, which bills itself as being "America's Best Online Poker".

The meaning of the term NLOP is explained.  What is it?The National League of Poker says that it is free, "100% legal" and offers cash prizes.

In the wake of "Black Friday", which removed sites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker from the US market, sites such as and started up to fill the void.

In order to avoid the nation's rules on gambling, sites like and offer players the chance to play for free, or they use some sort of a monthly membership model.

With online poker slowly getting legalized and regulated state-by-state, sites like will likely have trouble maintaining their standing in the market.

On the other hand, they will have a large database of players that they can market themselves to, should they ever decide to enter the world of real-money poker in the United States.


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