Definition of No Deposit Poker Bonus

What is a "no deposit poker bonus"? What is meant by a "no deposit poker bonus"?

In most cases, online poker sites will offer new customers "deposit bonuses" in order to try and earn their business.

No Deposit Bonus promotion offere4d by some poker rooms is explained by the King.  How does it work?It's pretty simple - the poker site will usually match the size of an initial deposit with a 100% bonus, up to a maximum amount.

In some cases, sites will offer people the opportunity to earn a bonus WITHOUT depositing.

Let's face it - not everybody has the money to deposit on an online poker site, and some people simply don't have a credit card or other method of payment.

No deposit poker bonuses are quite rare, though some sites do offer them.

One example is 888Poker, which is currently offering an $88 no deposit bonus.

In exchange for opening an account, 888Poker will give you:

1. $1 in immediate bonus money
2. $7 in tournament tickets (2 x $0.50 tickets distributed every day on a 7 day period)
3. $80 in pending bonus money

Now, you need to play real money poker in order to earn this "pending" bonus money, so you'll need to cash in a $0.50 tournament and put that money to use at the real money tables (cash, SNGs, MTTs) in order to have a chance of earning the entire $88 bonus.

With that being said, 888Poker is giving people the chance to play for free in tournaments, which is pretty unusual.

This is a no deposit bonus.


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