Definition of One-Gap

What is the definition of the term "one-gap"? What does the term "one-gap" mean?

A "one-gap" is a starting hand in which the two hole cards are one ranking apart.

For instance - let's say that you are dealt 2h-4s. This would be a "one-gap", as the two cards are one away in ranking.

Definition of One-Gap - Kings Poker Dictionary can be worth a play in a couple of situations, including:

1) As part of a pre-flop aggression strategy when you have position. If your bet is called, you may have a chance of flopping a monster (straight) and completely flabbergasting your opponent.

2) When there is already a great deal of money in the pot pre-flop and you are getting good odds to call. For instance, let's say that you are in late position and everyone else has already called a small raise from a player in early position. You look down at 7h-9h and decide to make the call because of the odds that you are getting. In this situation, the pot odds may dictate that you make the call, regardless of the starting strength of your hand.


One of the biggest mistakes that players can make is to get involved in hands with "one-gaps" when they aren't getting the correct odds. For instance, if there is a pre-flop aggressor and you look down at 5s-7h in the BB, calling is not a good idea unless others have called before you and you are now getting the correct odds. If everybody else has folded in this situation, calling is foolish as you are not getting the correct odds and could soon fall victim to your opponent.


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