Definition of Overcall

In poker, once a player opens - makes the first bet - all subsequent players must call, raise or fold. Calling is the action of matching a bet or matching a raise. Calling a null bet is a check.

To overcall is to call after another player or series of players have already called. The term overcall can apply to any call after the first, but it's generally reserved for calls of especially big bets.

Definition and meaning of the term Overcall - Poker DictionaryThe term overcall is also used to indicate a call, of any size, made by a player who has already put money in the pot that round. So if a player opens, and then calls on the next opportunity, he or she has overcalled.

The reason to identify overcalls is that they're often high-risk bets. For instance, on 7th street or the river, a player must have a very strong hand in order to overcall because it is highly unlikely that the first player to call is bluffing.


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