Definition of Phased Tournament

What does the term "phased tournament" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "phased tournament"?

What is the meaning of Phased Tournament in the game of poker?  The King explains.  Illustration.Some sites offer something called a "phased tournament", and many people are let to wonder exactly what it is.

A phased tournament is simply a tournament that has multiple opening flights and a Day 2 where all of the remaining players in the tournament combine into one player pool.

The World Series of Poker main event is a "phased tournament", as there are multiple Day 1 flights that players can play in. With the main event, eventually all of the different Day 1 players combine into one field.

The advantage of a phased tournament is that you can choose which Day 1 flight that you want to play in. In addition, if you are eliminated from a Day 1 flight, you can enter into another one. There are usually no limits as to how many Day 1 flights you can enter, though you can only carry one stack into Day 2.

The disadvantage of a phased tournament? The day and time of Day 2 might not be convenient to you. If so, you are out of luck, so make sure that Day 2 occurs on a day where you will have the time to play.


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