Definition of Prop Player

What does the term "prop player" mean in the world of online poker? What is the definition of the term "prop player"?

In online poker, a "prop player" is a player that has been hired by a poker room to help start up action at a table or keep the play going.

The meaning of the term Prop Player in the game of poker - King DictionaryA "prop player" may receive an hourly fee from a poker room to help get games going at various tables. Nothing scares away potential players like a bunch of empty tables at an online poker room, so a prop player will be charged with the task of helping to get games going. This usually involves taking a seat at empty tables and trying to encourage others to join and/or stay.

Not all poker rooms have the liquidity that Pokerstars enjoys, so there is usually a fight to try to populate tables with players at new online poker rooms. Many of these rooms will employ prop players, though they will usually keep the usage of such players private. After all, these rooms want people to think that players are naturally choosing to play there.


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