Definition of Rabbit Hunting

What does the term "rabbit hunting" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "rabbit hunting"?

In poker, "rabbit hunting" refers to when a player will peek at the upcoming cards in the deck following the completion of a hand.

Definition of Rabbit Hunting in the game of poker.  What is it and what does it meanFor instance - let's say that two players get into a raising war after a flop of 9s-Js-Ad. One player has a flush draw and decides to fold instead of putting the rest of their chips at risk. This player is obviously curious as to how the hand would have turned out, so they request to see which two cards would have been dealt if they had decided to go all-in as well.


Not all dealers will allow players to rabbit hunt - sometimes they will simply muck the cards and continue on to the next hand. If a dealer is being treated well by the players at the table, however, they will normally acquiesce to the request.


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