Definition of Scare Card

What is a "scare card" in the game of poker? What is the definition of the term "scare card"?

In the game of poker, a "scare card" is a card that could easily turn a player's best hand into the worst hand. Think of it like this - a "scare card" is a card that could have easily hit your opponent and given them the best hand, despite you almost certainly having had the best hand earlier in the hand.

Definition of Scare Card - Poker DictionaryLet's look at a few examples to illustrate the proper usage of the term "scare card":

Example 1:

You are dealt Ac-Kc on the button. Action folds to you. You raise. The small blind folds. The big blind re-raises and you make the call.

The flop comes 10d-Qd-Jh, which is obviously a great flop for your hand. The big blind checks, you bet, he calls.

The turn brings the As. Again, the big blind checks, you bet, and he calls.

The river brings the Qc. The board now reads:


The Qc is most certainly a "scare card", as you are now behind multiple hands, including:


The big blind leads out with a bet, which puts you to a decision - did he hit a full house on the river? Does he have a King in his hand for a straight? The Qc on the river was one of the worst cards that you could have possibly seen.

Example 2:

You are sitting in a short-handed cash game and raise from early position with Kd-Kc. The button calls and everyone else folds.

The flop comes:


You hit top set on the flop. You check, as does the button.

The turn brings the 2h. You lead out with a bet this time, and the button calls.

The river brings the Qc. This is a "scare card", as you are now behind if your opponent has any Jack or a couple of Clubs in his hand.

You lead out with another bet, but this time your opponent raises. Is he bluffing? Did he have a Jack or flush draw? The Qc is the very definition of a "scare card".


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