Definition of Show Your Hand

What does the term "show your hand" mean in the world of poker? What does "showing your hand" mean in everyday life?

In poker, "showing your hand" occurs when you flip over your cards at the end of a hand.

The King explains the meaning of the poker term Show Your Hand.  It also applies to day-to-day life.For instance - let's say that you put out a bet on the river in No Limit Texas Hold'em and your opponent calls. At this point, you will need to turn over your hand if you want to have a chance at winning the hand.

This is "showing your hand".

In everyday life, "showing your hand" occurs when you reveal something.

For instance - a family member is dating somebody that you don't approve of, but you maintain your silence. After they reveal that they are planning on getting married, you decide to "show your hand" and speak out against the relationship, much to the surprise of everybody.


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