Definition of Slept a Prop

In poker, what does the term "slept a prop" or "sleep a prop" mean? What is the definition of the term "slept a prop"?

Poker players love to gamble. Because they love to gamble, poker players will often bet on "props" with other players at the table.

If you have ever watched an older episode of "High Stakes Poker" or "Poker After Dark", then you have likely seen players such as Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu adding "props" to the game.

Slept a Prop DefinitionWhat's an example of a "prop bet" (short for proposition bet)? Well, two players might bet on the dominant color of each flop. For instance, Player A may bet that the primary color of the flop will be red, while Player B may bet that the primary color of the flop will be black. Let's say that they are betting $500 per hand. If the flop comes 8d-9d-8s, then Player A would win $500. That's a "prop" or "prop bet".

So what does it mean to "sleep a prop"?
In order to collect on a prop, players must usually verbally declare that they have won. In many cases, players will not notice that they have won a prop and don't say anything. This is called "sleeping a prop". If you "sleep a prop", then you won't be paid for winning the prop.


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