Definition of Sniping

What does the term "sniping" mean in the world of poker, and, more specifically, the world of poker streaming on

Let's say that you are streaming a tournament on and have a three minute delay so that people can't see your cards.

Let's say that you have a very big hand taking place in the tournament. You are all-in and your opponent is taking their time making a decision.

What happens if your opponent is watching your stream? What happens if your opponent uses all of their time bank so that they can wait out your three minute delay in order to see which cards you were dealt in the hand?

What are your thoughts on the practice of Sniping in online poker?

This is "sniping". "Sniping" occurs when somebody uses their time bank in a hand in order to see what hand you have been dealt on your stream.

"Sniping" is obviously very unethical. The best way for streamers to counteract the possibility of being "sniped" is to increase the length of delay on their stream to something like 6-7 minutes.

If you think that you are going to be sniped in a hand, the best thing to do is to kill your stream until the hand has been completed, and then restart with a longer delay.


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