Definition of Spaz

What does the word "spaz" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by a "spaz"?

In poker, a "spaz" is a bluff that doesn't make any sense.

Running a bluff properly means taking into consideration the texture of the board and the play of your opponent. For instance, if you are pretty sure that your opponent has pocket Aces and the board comes down 8d-9d-10j, this is a great board to bluff at as there are many hands that would hit your range very hard. Your opponent, if he is holding a big pair, is going to have a very hard time staying in the pot if you keep betting.

The definition, meaning and illustration for the poker term - Spaz.A "spaz", on the other hand, might occur in this type of situation:

After checking it down every street, your opponent goes all-in on the river on a fairly dry board. Is he holding a big pair and frustrated that there is nobody betting into him? What happens if somebody is checking down a monster, hoping to induce a bet on the river? What happens if somebody rivered two pair or a straight?

In this case, this is likely a "spaz", as the player wasn't setting up his bluff on previous streets. There are virtually no chips in the middle, so your opponent is either overbet shoving with a big hand (unlikely given the lack of action on previous streets) or spazzing.

Amateur players who are frustrated by the way that a game is going can be prone to "spazzing", which makes them very exploitable by good players. Good players can sniff out a spaz from a mile away.


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