Definition of Squeeze Play

What does the term "squeeze play" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "squeeze play"?

In poker, a squeeze play occurs when a player sticks in a large raise pre-flop over top of an initial raiser, followed by one or more callers.

Poker term Squeeze Play defined and illustrated.

For instance - the action folds around to the button, who puts in a standard 3x pre-flop raise. The small blind calls and the action is now on you in the big blind. You look down at A-3 suited and decided that a squeeze play is warranted here, based on the following information:

1) The player on the button has been raising every time that he has had the button

2) You have noted that the small blind is way too loose with his pre-flop calls

3) You are not particularly confident in your post-flop skills

By re-raising from the big blind, you are counting on:

1) The button player folding with his presumably weak holding

2) The small blind folding due to your perceived strength

The squeeze play is obviously a strong play and your opponents will likely assume that you have something like Aces or Kings, as you are re-raising over top of a pre-flop raiser and caller.

You should use the squeeze play sparingly, as you don't want people to start calling your bluff.


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