Definition of Stack the Deck

What does the term "stack the deck" mean? What is meant by "stack the deck" in poker and in the mainstream?

"Stacking the deck" means receiving an unfair advantage by rigging the system in your favour.

The King explains what it means to Stack the Deck in the game of poker as well as in real life.For instance - let's say that I am dealing a hand of poker in a "friendly" home game.

Through some advanced card shuffling techniques, I have all of the aces at the top of a "shuffled" deck of cards.

I deal all of my opponents from the bottom of the deck, while I am dealing myself aces from the top.

While I am not guaranteed to win the hand, I will most certainly start with a distinct advantage, as I will have two Aces (let's say that we are playing Texas Hold'em).

Stacking the deck also applies to everyday life.

Let's say that two people are running for Governor of a state - one very rich person, and one not so rich person.

In order to help get himself elected, the very rich person pays off a number of influential people in the state, who will go on record on saying that they support the very rich person for Governor.

Instead of running a fair race, the very rich person will use their money to try to buy an advantage. This is "stacking the deck".

One more example:

Two guys are fighting in a mixed martial arts organization in a country that doesn't have sanctioned fights or drug testing.

One fighter is taking steroids, while the other fighter is completely clean.

The fighter who is taking steroids is obviously attempting to stack the deck in his favour and gain an unfair advantage.


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