Definition of Steal Raise

What does the term "steal raise" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of a "steal raise"?

In poker, a "steal raise" occurs when a player who is in late position puts in a raise in an attempt to take down the pot right then and there. If the steal raise doesn't get everybody out of the pot, it will usually at least thin out the number of people in a hand.

Definition and meaning of Steal Raise - Kings Poker Dictionary - ExampleFor instance - let's say that you are playing NLHE and are on the button. Three people, all of whom are fairly tight aggressive, limp in pre-flop. You look down at 7s-6h and decide to put in a sizeable raise. The SB and BB both fold, as do the three pre-flop limpers.

This was a "steal raise" as you had a fairly weak holding but used your position in order to take control of the hand. In this case, even if one of the pre-flop limpers had decided to call, you likely could have used your position in order to bully them out of the hand after the flop.

In order to be a winner in No Limit Hold'em, you will need to learn how to take advantage of position. Weak play when sitting with superior position is a recipe to become a loser player.


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