Definition of Stream Delay

What does the term "stream delay" mean in the world of poker streaming on or Youtube? What is meant by a "stream delay"?

When poker players stream their cash games or tournaments on or Youtube, they incorporate a delay in their stream.

What does this mean?

It means that when you are watching their stream, you are actually watching something that has taken place like 4-5 minutes ago.

The King explains the meaning of the term Stream Delay when it comes to watching live poker on the personal computer.

Poker streamers will incorporate a delay in their stream so that their opponents won't know what they are holding. Imagine if someone was streaming a cash game on Pokerstars and didn't incorporate a delay - all someone would have to do is watch them on and they would know every card that their opponent was holding in real-time!

Most streamers on Twitch will incorporate a 4-5 minute delay in order to counteract "sniping", which is the act of delaying action in a hand in order to try to see what a streamer is holding. For instance, if you are involved in a very long hand against someone who is streaming on a 4 minute delay, you might be able to stall long enough so that you would be able to see their holding on their Twitch stream.

If you are playing a tournament and streaming on, you might want to incorporate a 6-7 minute delay in order to be really safe. Sometimes a 3-4 minute delay just isn't long enough to avoid being sniped.


If you are setting up your stream and would like to incorporate a delay, here is a good tutorial that you might find useful:


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