Definition of String Bet

What is the definition of the term "string bet" in poker? What does the term "string bet" mean?

In poker, a "string bet" is when a player doesn't make their bet in a continuous motion and also doesn't declare the amount of their bet.

For instance - if I wanted to bet 6,000, I couldn't toss out 2,500 in chips, pull my hand back and then add 3,500 in chips to the pot, UNLESS I declared the amount of my bet prior to tossing out the chips. It's fine to say "6,000" and then toss out a bunch of chips one by one, because my opponent knows the exact amount of my bet.

Definition of a String Bet in PokerWhy are "string bets" against the rules?

Well, you can imagine what might happen if I put out a bet, noted the reaction on your face, and then threw out even more chips. This would reveal too much information and noticeably slow down the game.

"String raises" are much the same - a player is not allowed to must not stop or hesitate while putting their raise into the middle unless they have verbally declared the amount of their raise. For instance, if somebody bets 600, you can't declare a "raise", throw 2,000 chips into the middle, judge the reaction on your opponent's face, and then throw in another 4,000 more. That's a string raise.

You are, however, allowed to declare "raise", place the amount of the call into the middle, and THEN add the amount of your raise to the pot, as long as the raise is made in one continuous motion.

Or, you can say "I'll raise 10,000", and then make as many movements as you want throwing your chips into the middle. Why? You have already declared the size of your raise.


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