Definition of Summer Series

What does the term "Summer Series" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by the "Summer Series"?

The "Summer Series" is a new tournament series being offered by Pokerstars. The first running of the series will take place on June 7th, 2020, and run until Sunday, June 21st.

The new online poker series has been announced by an industry giant.  The Summer Series.The "Summer Series" comes shortly after the conclusion of the extended "SCOOP", and is looking to take advantage of the increased appetite for online poker thanks to the Coronavirus lockdowns.

The first "Summer Series" will feature a total of 151 tournaments and a total guaranteed prize pool of $25 million.

The "Summer Series" will feature four really big tournaments:

$55 PKO main event with guarantee of $1 million
$530 PKO main event with a guarantee of $2 million

In addition, there will be two "Special Edition Sunday Million" events, with both tournaments featuring guarantees of $1.5 million guaranteed.

June is usually prime World Series of Poker time, though with that event being postponed, Pokerstars is hoping to capitalize with their "Summer Series" event.


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