Definition of Tip Your Hand

What does the term "Tip your hand" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by "tipping your hand"?

In the world of poker, "tipping your hand" occurs when you reveal the strength of your hand without actually exposing your hand to the table.

The King explains the meaning of the poker term Tip Y our Hand.  Illustration is provided as well as a real-life example.This is done through the use of "tells" - subtle physical tip-offs that reveal the strength of your hand.

For instance - let's say that you are dealt a really strong hand like pocket Aces. You have appeared disinterested at the table, frequently checking your phone and looking around the casino. In this case, you are suddenly very interested in what is taking place.

A seasoned player will be able to notice this change in your behavior, and they will likely correctly determine that you have a very strong hand.

"Tip your hand" is a term that is frequently used in non-poker life as well. It can mean anytime that you betray your true feelings about something without having to actually use words.


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