Definition of Triple Barrel Bluff

What is the definition of the term "triple barrel bluff" in the game of poker? What is a triple barrel bluff?

In poker, a "triple barrel bluff" occurs when a player bluffs on the flop, turn and river. These increasingly larger bets are usually accompanied by a pre-flop raise.

The meaning of Triple Barrel Bluff explained when it comes to the game of poker.  What is it and what are the examples of it?

Let's say that you are playing in a cash game at your local casino. There is a pre-flop raiser from early position. You are on the button and decide to call with pocket Jacks in order to try and trap your opponent, plus you have a read on your opponent that says he is very loose/aggressive. Everyone else folds.

The flop comes 7h-7s-10h. This looks like a very good flop for you. The pre-flop raiser leads out with a pot-sized bet and you decide to call.

The turn brings the 3s. Again, the pre-flop raiser leads out with a pot-sized bet, and you make the call once again.

The river brings the 2d. This looks like a very safe card. The pre-flop raiser pushes all-in.

Does your loose/aggressive opponent have anything? Did they wake up with pocket Aces? Do they have something like A-10?

After a great deal of thought, you decide to lay your hand down. Your opponent flips over J-Q for the complete bluff.

This is a great example of a "triple barrel bluff", as he bluffed you on every street (flop, turn, river).


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