Definition of Trump Card

What does the term "Trump Card" mea? What is meant by the term "Trump Card"?

The term "Trump Card" is borrowed from card games such as bridge, and means something of great value that is kept hidden and is meant to surprise.

The King provides an explanation for the popular term Trump Card.  What does it mean?For instance - let's say that you are playing a game of pick-up basketball at your local gym.

This is a very big game for you and the rest of the players on your team, and you really want to win.

One of your friends from college has agreed to play. This friend used to play on the college basketball team and was a very good player.

Your friend is your "Trump Card". His skills are unknown to the other team, and he is certainly good enough to give your team the victory.

Another example of a "Trump Card"? You are applying for a job. You arrive at the office at which you are interviewing at, only to see 20 people also waiting to interview.

Your "Trump Card" in this case? You are fluent in seven different languages, and you know that this company does business all over the world. Your knowledge of language is your "Trump Card" and may very result in you getting the job.


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