Definition of Twitch Poker

What does the term "Twitch poker" mean? What is the definition of the term "Twitch poker"?

"Twitch Poker" is the name given to the community of poker streamers and poker viewers on

The King explains the meaning of the popular term Twitch Poker.  What is the origination of the term and when and by who is it used? was originally launched with traditional gamers in mind, though the community has expanded to include other games such as online poker in recent years.

Names like Jason Somerville and Lex Veldhuis were the original big poker streamers on In recent years, names like Jaime Staples, Matt Staples, "All In Pav" and others have taken the baton and continued to grow the "Twitch Poker" community.

The major online poker sites have listened to this trend, as Pokerstars and partypoker have both given out dozens of sponsorships to people who bought their followings on has become an important new revenue source for some online poker players, as sponsorship dollars, donations, and subscription revenues have made full-time streaming on a living for a number of "Twitch Poker" streamers.


The most popular " poker" streamers tend to be those who play at the highest levels. Just like with the live tournament circuit, viewers want a glimpse into the life of the players at the highest levels of the game.


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