Definition of Verbal Declaration

What does the term "verbal declaration" mean in poker? What is the meaning of the term "verbal declaration"?

In poker, a "verbal declaration" is when you verbally declare what your move is going to be. Verbal declarations are binding.

Definition of Verbal Declaration - Poker Dictionary - IllustrationLet's look at an example to illustrate the usage of the term "verbal declaration".

You are involved in a big hand at your local casino during a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em game. After the flop, you had a monster draw that didn't get there by the river.

After the river card is dealt, your opponent puts out a small bet (1/4 of the pot), and the action is now on you. You have nothing, but are considering a bluff.

After some thought, you verbally declare that you are folding (you say, "Fold"), and your opponent rakes in the pot. The verbal declaration is binding, even though you didn't physically fold your hand.

Imagine if your verbal declaration wasn't binding? You could say "fold" over and over again, trying to judge your opponent's reaction. For this reason, verbal declarations are binding, as long as they are heard by the dealer.


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