Published on April 22, 2003, 9:45 pm EST

A total purse of just under 6 million dollars. A $10,000 dollar buy-in. Over 600 of the world's top poker players, all battling for a 2 million dollar grand prize. Some of the greatest names in poker, as well as some of the brightest upcoming stars. The 2002 World Series of Poker certainly had it all, with Robert Varkonyi taking home the grand prize of 2 million dollars US.

After 4 days of back and forth play, the field of over 600 of the world's best was whittled down to just a handful going into May 24th 2002, the final day of the event. No previous winners were at the final table; somebody completely new would be taking the crown; the best finish at the table was a second place finish at a previous WSOP event.

By 7 pm on the final day, the final table had been narrowed down to just two, Varkonyi, the eventual winner, and Gardner. By this point, the antes were 10000, with 20k/40k blinds. The final hand saw a Q and two 4's on the flop. Gardner went all in with a Jack of clubs and an 8 of clubs, while Varkonyi had a Q and a Ten. The 4th and 5th cards are both tens. Gardner hits a flush, but Varkonyi hits the amazingly lucky Full House (10,10,10,Q,Q). What are the odds of being dealt two 10's in a row in the final of the World Series of Poker? Whatever the odds, Gardner busts, and Varkonyi wins. The final results were:

1) Robert Varkonyi (2 million)
2) Julian Gardner ($1.1 million)
3) Rafael Perry ($550,000)
4) Scot Gray ($281,000)
5) Harley Hall ($195,000)
6) Russel Rosenblum ($150,000)
7) John Shipley ($120,000)
8) Tony D ($100,000)
9) Minh Ly ($85,000)


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