Isaac Haxton Defeats "Isildur1" In First "Superstar Showdown"

Published on December 20th, 2010 3:53 am EST

Isaac Haxton looking upIsaac "philivey2694" Haxton won the very first "Superstar Showdown" on Pokerstars on Sunday afternoon, beating "Isildur1" for $41,701 over the course of their 2,500 hand match.

Pokerstars signed the mysterious "Isildur1" to a sponsorship deal a few weeks ago, and has quickly made the Swedish phenom one of the centerpieces of their marketing efforts. When they formally announced the signing of "Isildur1" (rumored to be Viktor Blom) to a deal, Pokerstars also revealed that "Isildur1" would be taking part in a weekly "Superstar Showdown" challenge.

You can read up on the rules of the "Superstar Showdown" here.

The first opponent for "Isildur1" was Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton, who is also known as "luvtheWNBA" on Full Tilt Poker.

The game of choice was $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em (all four tables). The challenge would end as soon as they had completed the required 2,500 hands.

"Isildur1" jumped out to an early lead and was up $11,650 after the first 372 hands. "philivey2694" was able to re-take the lead after about 650 hands, and was up $16,500 after 820 hands.

The back and forth continued until "Isildur1" was finally able to build the first substantial lead of the match. After 1,728 hands, "Isildur1" was up nearly $30,000.

"Isildur1" then quickly gave back the lead, and was down over $10k after 2,029 hands.

"philivey2694" was up a very small amount ($1,085) after 2,229 hands, and it looked as though there was going to be a very close finish. However, the last 271 hands were all Isaac Haxton, and he managed to finish the match with a comfortable win of over $40k.

Here is a quick recap of some of the largest hands from the match:

1. With the board reading 5h-9d-3d-2c-2h, "Isildur1" pushes all-in and "philivey2694" makes the call. "philivey2694" turns over 9h-Kh for Nines and Deuces with a King kicker, while "Isildur1" turns over 9c-Jh for Nines and Deuces with a weaker kicker. "philivey2694" takes down $44,464 in what I believe was the biggest pot of the match.

2. With the board reading 6h-5s-5d-8s-5h, "Isildur1" contemplates a $6,400 river bet from Haxton. "Isildur1" decides to make the call, and Haxton turns over Ac-As for a full house, Fives full of Aces.

3. With the board reading 7c-9d-5c-Ah-6c, Haxton shoves and "Isildur1" calls for the rest of his stack. Haxton turns over 8c-Jc for a rivered flush, while "Isildur1" turns over 9h-8d for a straight. Haxton takes down the $26,500 pot.

4. After a flop of 2d-Kd-3c, Haxton and "Isildur1" quickly get their stacks all-in. Haxton turns over 7h-Kh, while "Isildur1" flips over Kc-9c. "Isildur1" ends up taking down the pot with his Kings and better kicker for $20,000.

5. "Isildur1" and Haxton get it all-in pre-flop. Haxton turns over pocket Nines, while "Isildur1" flips over Ac-Qc. "Isildur1" flops a broadway straight and takes down the $23,000 pot.

6. "Isildur1" and Haxton get it all-in pre-flop. "Isildur1" turns over Ac-Qs, while "philivey2694" turns over Jh-Jd. Things are looking very good for "Isildur1" after he turned Trip Queens, but a Jack fell on the river to give Haxton a full house and the $20,600 pot.

7. After a flop of 2d-3s-4d, Haxton and "Isildur1" get into a raising war. Haxton finally just calls, and the turn brings the 5d. "Isildur1" bets $6,250, and Haxton calls. The river brings the Ad. "Isildur1" pushes all-in, and Haxton calls. "Isildur1" turns over 7d-6d for a flush, while "philivey2694" flips over 6c-5h for a straight. "Isildur1" takes down the $34,300 pot.

8. Haxton and "Isildur1" get it all-in pre-flop. "Isildur1" turns over pocket Queens, while Haxton shows Js-Qs.

The board runs out Th-9s-4d-5d-Ks, giving Haxton a straight on the river and the $20,200 pot.


There is no word as of yet as to who the next opponent for "Isildur1" will be.


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