Lee Jones Resigns From Cake Poker

Published on December 28th, 2010 10:39 pm EST

The King next to the Cake Poker logoEarlier tonight, Lee Jones made a brief statement on Twoplustwo.com in which he announced that he had stepped down from his position at Cake Poker.

Lee's statement:

"Hi all -
This is a brief announcement to let you know that, as of yesterday, I have resigned my position at Cake Poker and will not be making any further posts here. Their management has made some strategic decisions with which I'm not comfortable. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Cake support staff; they are top-notch people.

Best regards,
Lee Jones"

The statement can be read here.

Lee Jones was named Cake Poker's card room manager in May of 2009.

The line "Their management has made some strategic decisions with which I'm not comfortable" has made people a bit nervous - hopefully there is some clarification in the coming days.

Serge "adanthar" Ravitch also announced that he was stepping down from his position at Cake Poker in the same thread:

"It sincerely pains me to say that, for the same reasons, I am also no longer affiliated with Cake in any way.

I wish them the best of luck going forward.



Lee Jones served as the cardroom manager for Pokerstars between October 2003 and April 2007. Since stepping down from this position in 2007, Jones has worked with the EPT (European Poker Tour), Cardrunners.com and, most recently, Cake Poker.


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