Massive Prize Pool For FTOPS XIX Main Event

Published on February 20th, 2011 8:03 pm EST

Late registration in the FTOPS XIX main event has just closed, and the final entrant/prize pool numbers are incredible.

14,479 total entries were purchased for the FTOPS XIX main event, which ended up creating a total prize pool of $8,687,400. The main event used the "multi-entry" format which allowed players to buy in up to six times, which many players took full advantage of. This resulted in the largest-ever prize pool for a Full Tilt Poker tournament and one of the largest-ever prize pools for an online poker tournament.

Many people were expecting the prize pool for the FTOPS main event to easily cruise past the $3 million guarantee thanks to the "multi-entry" format, but I donít think that many people were expecting quite this many entries.

The nearly $8.7 million prize pool means that the eventual winner of the FTOPS XIX main event will walk away with $1,326,044.74, while the runner-up will take home nearly $900k. The FTOPS main event is not a two-day event (unlike the WCOOP main event), which means that the winner will likely be crowned late Monday morning.


The "multi-entry" format has proven to be very lucrative for Full Tilt Poker, and the FTOPS main event was no different.

Full Tilt collected $40 for each and every entry in the FTOPS XIX main event, meaning that they banked nearly $580k for just one tournament (and this doesnít include any money that was generated from main event satellites). Many people donít seem to like the "multi-entry" format, but it has certainly proven to be very profitable for Full Tilt Poker so far.


Even Phil Ivey, who has publicly stated that he doesnít enjoy playing on too many tables at once, has gotten in on the fun, as he ended up purchasing a total of four entries to the main event.


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