Published on April 16th, 2007 8:22 pm EST

If you have ever watched any of the European poker events on television, you have probably seen Dave "El Blondie" Colclough. He is not widely known over in North America, however in Europe he is one of their biggest poker stars, with over $3 million dollars in lifetime tournament earnings.

As the rumors go, Colclough was in Monte Carlo playing at the European Poker Tour event, and arrived home only to find his much younger wife in bed with another man. Colclough was understandably upset, and told his wife to get lost.

Colclough later posted on his OWN BLOG that he had caught his wife cheating with a friend of hers, and that their relationship was over. This blog post was seen by many people, including several prominent poker journalists, who also reported on the story involving Dave Colclough and his wife, Rhowena Colclough.

A short time later, the blog entry was deleted, and Colclough started making the rounds, demanding that these "stories" be retracted as there was absolutely no truth to them, according to Colclough himself.

So what really happened here? Are the two reconciling and Colclough wanted to forget all about the sordid details? Is he an upstanding man, and didn't want his personal details available to the general public, and posted his blog in a moment of weakness? Did someone hack into his account and post this blog?

Who knows..


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