Phil Ivey Promises to "Teach the Whole World to Win at Poker"

Published on March 23rd, 2011 1:45 pm EST

Phil Ivey at the golf courseOver the past few days, the old web site has been taken down and replaced by a new splash page.

If you visit now, you are greeted with a picture of Phil Ivey's famous stare and the words:

"Now I'm going to teach the whole world to win at poker."

The title of this new page is:

"Phil Ivey - Teaching the World to Win at Poker!"

In addition, visitors are greeted with some dramatic music when they first hit the site.


A few weeks ago, Ivey posted this message on his Twitter account:

"After NBC Heads Up, I've been working hard on my latest endeavor with many of my top poker friends."

I'm assuming that the new web site has something to do with this "endeavor".

It will be interesting to see what Full Tilt Poker and Phil Ivey have planned..




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