Matusow Talks Ivey, Lederer and Bitar

Published on July 31st, 2011 10:47 pm EST

Mike Matusow in the spotlightOver the past few days, Mike Matusow has logged a large number of hours being interviewed by the people behind

Matusow conducted a lengthy interview with yesterday, where he was asked about a number of different topics. Matusow was also joined by Daniel Negreanu and Tony G on the show.

As mentioned, the interview was a long one (I included a link below), but here is some of the interesting tidbits of information and personal opinions that Matusow shared on the show:

-person who leaked information to Subject: Poker has it in for Ivey, David Benyamine and FTP

-info leaked from somebody "inside"

-"definitely a disgruntled employee"

-Ivey lawsuit was a "big crock of shit"

-"nobody (from Full Tilt Poker) will call me back"

-Matusow wants to know "anything" about what is going on at Full Tilt

-leaker hurt chances of FTP players getting their $ back

-"if it weren't for greed, sale of the company would have been done a long time ago"

-somebody offered to buy a piece of FTP right away after "Black Friday" for "good money", was turned down

-"now they're struggling to get shit for it"

-Ivey went berserk when that deal fell through

-higher-ups at Full Tilt rebuffed the buyer, claiming that they had another deal lined up

-"I believe that Ray (Bitar) fucked everything up"

-Bitar's ego was so big.. he never listened to anything

-Full Tilt Poker could have paid off 90% of US players after "Black Friday"

-Matusow has a quarter million dollars on Full Tilt

-Tom Dwan has a million dollars on Full Tilt

-Daniel Cates has six million on Full Tilt

-FTP was spending "something like $15 million a month" in marketing to compete with Pokerstars

-Annie Duke: "Howard is sitting at home, depressed over the whole situation"

-hard for Howard to talk to anybody because he is so depressed

-Howard's only fault was putting the wrong guy in charge

-Ivey didn't think when he sued the company

-Ivey working around the clock to try and fix things.. so is Howard

-Matusow: I got a pretty good offer from a site in Europe

-"I think that people are going to get paid back"

-Full Tilt Poker opened up with no money in the accounts

-"there is no way that Howard Lederer took anybody's money"

-"I believe by next Friday that something will come out"

-"Full Tilt Poker ain't closing shop"

-"they are not the type of people that are going to run"


Matusow had plenty more to say, click on the link below to listen to the entire interview.

Source: - Part 2 Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow talk about the Epic Poker League and Full Tilt Poker Situation



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