Rumor of Completed Deal Denied by Full Tilt Attorney

Published on September 27th, 2011 3:35 pm EST

Full Tilt Poker logoThe Twitterverse exploded on Monday when Adam Schwartz, host of PokerCast on TwoPlusTwo, posted this on Twitter:

"Heard a rumor the the FTP sale to the French investors was done. #justarumordontforget"

He later followed that up with this on TwoPlusTwo:

"I was told by what I feel is a very reputable source. This person doesn't want me to say their name.

Obviously I wouldn't have said it if someone sitting next to me in the $1/2 game told me.

If some of you are unhappy that i tweeted it, what can I say, I felt it was worthy of some confidence."


These comments obviously got many people excited, but it turns out that a deal has not been completed - at least not yet. Full Tilt Poker attorney Jeff Ifrah denied that a deal had been completely earlier today.

The "French investors" are reportedly in meetings with the AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) and are set to meet with the US Department of Justice.

The DoJ is going to have to be satisfied before any deal goes through. If an agreement is not reached with the DoJ, then a deal won't happen.

In short - no deal as of yet, but plenty of things seem to be happening behind the scenes.

At least, that is what people are being told.

Source: Adam Schwartz Twitter Account



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