Esfandiari Wins Over $18 Million

Published on July 4th, 2012 12:36 am EST

Antonio Esfandiari - Mean StareAntonio Esfandiari took down the biggest prize in the history of poker after winning the BIG ONE for ONE DROP earlier tonight.

Esfandiari took home a staggering $18,346,673 for his victory, while runner-up Sam Trickett walked away with $10,112,001.

The final hand of the event saw Trickett and Esfandiari get all-in after a flop of Jd-5d-5c. Prior to the hand getting underway, Esfandiari had Trickett outchipped by about a 3-1 margin.

Anyways, after the chips had been shipped into the middle, the two players turned over:

Esfandiari - 7d-5s
Trickett - Qd-6d

Esfandiari had flopped trip 5s, while Trickett had flopped a flush draw.

The board ran out 3h-2h, giving Esfandiari the victory and the single biggest prize in the history of poker.


Here is how the final table finished out:

Antonio Esfandiari, $18,346,673
Sam Trickett, $10,112,001
David Einhorn, $4,352,000
Phil Hellmuth, $2,645,333
Guy Laliberte, $1,834,666
Brian Rast, $1,621,333
Bobby Baldwin, $1,408,000
Richard Yong, $1,237,333

All in all, the BIG ONE for ONE DROP was a huge success. The tournament went off without a hitch, and millions of dollars was raised for ONE DROP and other assorted charities.


As you can imagine, the amount of money that was given out to Esfandiari and Trickett has caused a massive change to the top of the all-time tournament money list.

Antonio Esfandiari now has roughly $23 million in total lifetime tournament cashes and is now #1 on the all-time money list. Sam Trickett now has roughly $16.5 million in all-time tournament earnings which puts him at #4 on the all-time money list.

Phil Hellmuth Jr. now has $16,119,301 in total lifetime earnings thanks to his 4th place finish, which puts him just around $50k behind Daniel Negreanu on the all-time money list.

The top five now looks like this:

Antonio Esfandiari
Erik Seidel
Phil Ivey
Sam Trickett
Daniel Negreanu



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