Kyle Keranen Leads With 97 Players Left

Published on July 15th, 2012 3:39 pm EST

The King is presenting the World Series of Poker - Main Event5 full days of play are now in the books at the 2012 World Series of Poker main event, with just 97 of the original 6,598 entrants still standing.

At the top of that group is Kyle Keranen, who currently sits with a stack of around 6.93 million chips. Two other players, Robert Salaburu (6.2 million) and Taylor Paur (5,820,000), also have over 5 million in chips.

The rest of the current top 10 looks like this:

Erik Hellman - 4,715,000
Wilfried Haerig - 4,505,000
Shahriar Assareh - 4,395,000
Charles Coultas - 4,015,000
Gaelle Baumann - 3,980,000
Fabrizio Gonzales - 3,935,000
Nicco Maag - 3,895,000


Some of the notable names who are still alive in this year's main event include:

Amnon Filippi, 3,400,000
Yuval Bronshtein, 2,775,000
David Baker, 1,910,000
Jason Somerville, 1,400,000
Amit Makhija, 1,400,000
Erik Cajelais, 1,205,000
Isaac Baron, 1,165,000
Leo Wolpert, 940,000
Gavin Smith, 675,000
Vanessa Selbst, 380,000

All 97 of the remaining players are guaranteed a minimum of $62,021 for making it this far. The eventual winner of the tournament will walk away with $8,527,982, while the runner up will take home $5,292,889.


Some of the notable names who fell on Day 5 were:

Marcel Luske, 102nd
Joseph Cheong, 116th
Kevin Pollack, 134th
Sorel Mizzi, 151st
Daniel Negreanu, 160th


Day 6 (today) will consist of another 5 levels being played. On Day 7, play will continue until there are just 9 players remaining, which will likely make for a very long night.


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