Published on May 6th, 2007 1:35 am EST

If you are a half-decent poker player and you are currently in Las Vegas, I envy you. A big fight in Las Vegas means that there are a lot of rich people in Las Vegas. A lot of rich people in Las Vegas means that there will be a lot of money at the poker tables. This represents a big opportunity to make money at the tables.

wynn hotel in las vegasWhere should you go? Where are the biggest "fish." Rich people are not playing at the smaller casinos off the strip; they are playing at the Bellagio, and the Wynn. The best games to play are the mid-level No Limit Hold'em games, something like $5/$10 No Limit Hold'em at the Bellagio. Bring a bankroll with you though; you will have a decided advantage at these tables, however, when people are playing poorly, there is a big chance of getting sucked out on. Don't be surprised when that rich "fish" calls your big pre-flop raise with 8 10 offsuit and flops the nut straight. You should be prepared for some large fluctuations, but if you are a decent player, you should come up ahead at the end of the night.

Most of these rich "fish" have probably watched some poker on television and want to try it out for themselves. They will give off major tells, and you should be easily able to deduce whether or not they have a strong hand based on their betting patterns. Flushes and straights will be chased all the way down to the river, so make sure to punish these players. Don't be afraid to loosen your game up, as there will probably be 5-6 players in each hand, regardless of whether it's a raised pot or not. Suited connectors and low pairs should be played, given the pot odds. Don't be afraid to jam the pot with any big draws, and most of all, have fun.


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