A New Era Begins as Full Tilt Poker Prepares For Relaunch

Published on August 12th, 2012 7:12 pm EST

Full Tilt Poker - Website in RedesignEarlier this month, Pokerstars shipped the US government $225 million as part of their settlement deal.

With that payment, the settlement between the two sides became official. As part of the deal, Pokerstars will be obtaining all of the Full Tilt Poker assets. The plan, according to Pokerstars, is to relaunch Full Tilt Poker no later than November 6th.

In order to rebuild the Full Tilt Poker brand, Pokerstars has to do a major clean-up of the FTP operation. All of the higher-ups at the old Full Tilt Poker operation are now gone, and a number of other key employees have gotten the axe as well.

Pokerstars has also started to revamp the old FullTiltPoker.com web site. Throughout the entirety of the Full Tilt Poker ordeal, players were greeted with pictures of Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Howard Lederer every time that they visited the site. Not only did players have to deal with not having access to their trapped balances, but they also had to see pictures of Ferguson and Lederer every time that they went to Full Tilt Poker. It was just an extra kick in the teeth that people didn't need at the time.

Anyways, Pokerstars has been revamping the Full Tilt Poker web site in recent days, and all traces of names such as Lederer, Ferguson and Furst have been removed from the site. In addition, the highly annoying "The System is Currently Down" message has also been removed from the site.

In fact, pretty much the only thing that is remaining on the site right now are the "Rush Poker" and "Rush Poker Mobile" pages, which likely indicates that "Rush Poker" will continue to be a major part of the Full Tilt Poker operation.


After years of lording over the poker world, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Howard Lederer have been scrubbed away from the Full Tilt Poker web site. Ferguson and Lederer, two of the men primarily responsible for creating Full Tilt Poker (and eventually driving it into the ground), will now hopefully fade off into a life of seclusion and ever-lasting pariah status.


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