Full Tilt Poker To Open Play Money Games Next Week

Published on October 27th, 2012 1:30 pm EST

Full Tilt Poker - 10 Days to LaunchThe countdown clock on FullTiltPoker.com now reads "10 Days to Launch". In less than two weeks, Full Tilt Poker 2.0 will re-open to most of the world.

There are a few new pieces of Full Tilt Poker news:

1. Play Money Games To Re-Open Next Week.

According to Shyam Markus, Full Tilt Poker's Poker Room Manager, play money games on Full Tilt Poker will be re-activated next week. Here is what Markus said on TwoPlusTwo.com earlier this week:

"Next week we'll have an actual game to log into and play (play money) with, so I'll be making my next post in the Internet Poker forum with a list of all of the changes that are in the new client. Should be an exciting week! Although not nearly as exciting as the week that follows."

2. Asset Conversion Emails Being Sent Out.

Emails are currently being sent out to many of Full Tilt Poker's ROW (Rest of World) players that details the changes that have been made to account balances. This includes the conversion of Iron Man Medals to Full Tilt Points, the cancellation and refunds of any unfulfilled store orders, the addition of unpaid rakeback payments and a number of other things.

The emails contain current Full Tilt Point balances. Real money balances have been withheld from many of the emails due to "security reasons".


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