Greg Merson, Jesse Sylvia and Jake Balsiger To Battle For Main Event Bracelet

Published on October 30th, 2012 2:06 pm EST

The King is pointing to a WSOP 2012 Gold BraceletGreg Merson. Jesse Sylvia. Jake Balsiger.

One of these three men will take home the coveted World Series of Poker main event bracelet and over $8.5 million on Tuesday evening.

Here are the chip counts heading into the final day of play on Tuesday:

1. Greg Merson, 88,350,000
2. Jesse Sylvia, 62,750,000
3. Jake Balsiger, 46,875,000

Here are the top three payouts:

1. $8,531,853
2. $5,295,149
3. $3,799,073

Here are the final table finishes up to this point:

4. Russell Thomas, $2,851,537
5. Jeremy Ausmus, $2,155,313
6. Andras Koroknai, $1,640,902
7. Michael Esposito, $1,258,040
8. Robert Salaburu, $971,360
9. Steve Gee, $754,798

The final hand on Tuesday took place when Jake Balsiger decided to move all-in from the big blind following a raise from Russell Thomas (who was in the small blind). After some thought, Thomas called and flipped over Ah-9d, only to see that he was far behind Balsiger's As-Kc. The board ran out 8c-Qh-5h-5d-7h, giving Balsiger the very large pot and eliminating Russell Thomas from the tournament in fourth place.


The final day of play will get underway at approximately 5:45 pm local time on Tuesday afternoon. The action will be broadcast on ESPN in the United States.


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