Published on May 10th, 2007 8:20 pm EST

There has been quite a deal made over the past week about a post that was made on Two Plus Two. In the post, a frequent player on Full Tilt Poker outlined a pretty solid case that showed that there were bots running on Full Tilt Poker. Usually, bots are not very good, and are very easy for a player to exploit. However, these bots actually seemed to be making money.

bots at full tilt?A number of things alerted the poster to the possibility of bots on Full Tilt Poker. There was seemingly more than one account that was being operated by the same bot. Similar betting patterns, the bots basically played the same hours per day, they are logged large amounts of hours, they never chatted, and they all had the exact same style of play. In addition, even though these accounts logged huge amounts of hours at the same levels, they never, ever played at the same table together.

When this poster on Two Plus Two determined that these accounts were probably bots, he adjusted his play and start to beat up pretty bad on them. It seemed as though the bots were set mining pretty much, and didn't have enough intelligence to counter a player that was able to adjust.

The poster then noted that the bots suddenly adjusted their play, and he felt as though the owner of the "bot" accounts would take over the accounts from time to time, especially when people were growing suspicious.

The poster then sent emails to Full Tilt Poker, giving damning evidence that bots were in fact participating at the Full Tilt Poker tables. It appeared as though Full Tilt froze the accounts for a week or two, and then unfroze them, as they suddenly appeared again.

This was a major topic of discussion on Two Plus Two, but there didn't seem to be much of a response from Full Tilt Poker. Were these in fact bots? If so, what would Full Tilt Poker do about it? If they were bots, why were they still allowed to play? If they were not bots, how did Full Tilt Poker determine this to be true?

Here is the link to the evidence of bots on Full Tilt Poker. What do you think?


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