Barry Greenstein Warns of Dangers of Playing With Open-Face Chinese App

Published on February 16th, 2013 3:20 pm EST

Phone Hacked - Illustration"Team Pokerstars Pro" Barry Greenstein penned an "emergency blog" yesterday titled "Don't get cheated on the Open-Face Chinese app".

In the blog posting (which is linked below), Greenstein warns his fellow players that there are severe vulnerabilities in a popular Open-Face Chinese application (available for iPhones and iPad) that make it possible to easily cheat.

According to Greenstein, he decided to download the application so that he could start playing against other players. While playing against an unnamed pro, Greenstein said that he started to notice irregularities after the two players decided to double the stakes (up until that point, Greenstein had been up about $5,000).

From Greenstein's blog:

"Now, it's not that he beat me, but it's how he beat me. It seemed like after being in trouble he kept getting saved on the river over and over and over. Even though it was believable that he was a better player than I was, I decided I wanted to start keeping track of when he needed to get outs in these situations. When he had to get an out on the river to beat me, I wanted to see what his percentage was.

I started keeping track, and the next 14 times it came up, he hit seven times. Now that's not every time, but it was enough that after that I quit."

After Greenstein quit the game, he asked his nephew (who is a programmer) to examine the game to see if it was possible to cheat.

According to Greenstein's nephew, not only is it possible to see which cards your opponent is holding, but it's also possible to change the cards that are dealt.


Greenstein said "pretty much anybody who has won big at this game at this point is under suspicion, because it's so easy to cheat." He closed with this warning:

"..when you play on an app such as this one for money, you better know who you're playing with and that you're in possible danger of being cheated."

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