$40,000,000 To Be Guaranteed by Pokerstars

Published on April 18th, 2013 12:23 am EST

Spring Championship of Online Poker - Pokerstars - Promotional GraphicThe final version of the SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) 2013 schedule was released by Pokerstars earlier this week.

Pokerstars is guaranteeing a total of $40 million for SCOOP 2013, which is up substantially from the $30 million that they guaranteed last year.

There will be a total of 44 "events" this year, with each event comprising of a low, medium and high buy-in tournament. For instance, the first event of the series (NL Hold'em 6-Max) will feature a $27 buy-in tournament, a $215 buy-in tournament and a $2,100 buy-in tournament.

This year's SCOOP will run from May 12th to May 26th. The first event (NL Hold'em 6-Max) will get underway at 11 am ET on May 12th, while the last event (SCOOP Wrap-Up, 3x Chance, Turbo) will get underway at 17:00 ET on May 26th.

The main event, which will get underway at 14:30 ET on May 26th, will have a total of $6 million in guarantees, spread out over three tournaments:

Main Event (Low), $109, $1 million Guaranteed
Main Event (Medium), $1,050, $2 million Guaranteed
Main Event (High), $10,300, $3 million Guaranteed


There will be a number of new games featured in this year's SCOOP, including PL 5-Card Omaha and PL Courchevel Hi/Lo.

The full schedule can be found below.

Source: Pokerstars.com - SCOOP 2013 Schedule


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