Chen Takes Home $1,198,780 and World Series of Poker Bracelet

Published on June 5th, 2013 4:01 pm EST

WSOP (World Series of Poker) Millionaire Maker - Illustration6,343 players turned out for Event #6 ($1,500 NLHE "Millionaire Maker") of the 2013 World Series of Poker, creating the largest single-day starting field in the history of the WSOP.

Benny Chen outlasted 6,342 other players to take down the event for a total payday of $1,198,780. Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

Benny Chen, $1,198,780
Michael Bennington, $741,903
Jonathan Gray, $534,506
Justin Liberto, $400,408
Dan Kelly, $302,104
Chris Hunichen, $229,575
Upeshka Desilva, $175,714
Robert McVeigh, $135,467
Theron Eichenberger, $105,154


Chen had a 3-1 chip lead over Michael Bennington when heads-up play began, and Bennington was never able to close the gap.

The final hand of the tournament came when Chen pushed all-in pre-flop over the top of a Bennington three-bet. Bennington decided to make the call holding pocket Threes, while Chen triumphantly turned over his pocket Nines.

The board ran out Kc-8d-2h-Jc-Ac, and Benny Chen was declared the winner.


Some of the notable names who managed to cash in this event included:

Jonathan Aguiar, $17,726
Scott Clements, $14,643
Eddy Sabat, $12,160
John Monnette, $7,279
John Hennigan, $7,279
Bryn Kenney, $7,279
Matt Stout, $4,624
Randy Lew, $4,624
Kevin Saul, $4,025
Victor Ramdin, $4,025
Dani Stern, $3,511
Jake Cody, $2,740


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