Total Prize Pool of $10,665,000

Published on September 30th, 2013 2:44 am EST

World Championship of Online Poker - WCOOP - 2013 - CollageThe 2013 WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) main event got underway on Pokerstars earlier today.

The event featured a total buy-in of $5,200 and a guaranteed prize pool of $8 million. In typical Pokerstars fashion, the event easily exceeded its guarantee - 2,133 players ended up turning out for the event, which created a total prize pool of $10,665,000.

Provided that there are no deals, the final table payouts will end up looking like this:

1st - $1,877,573.25
2nd - $1,290,465.00
3rd - $842,535.00
4th - $599,906.25
5th - $426,600.00
6th - $291,154.50
7th - $213,300.00
8th - $159,975.00
9th - $106,650.00

The top 243 spots will pay out, with a min-cash being worth $12,798.00.


After twelve hours of play, the event was paused and will continue on Monday afternoon.

296 players are still alive in the event, which means that the money bubble will burst shortly after the start of play on Monday afternoon.

"HeroCallFold" of Austria is the current chip leader of the event, as he managed to finish Day 1 with 719,357 in chips. "Pkr_b777", "Danny98765", "VOZNI" and "Pantkvittot" round out the top five chip stacks.

Some of the notable names that are still in the event include:

Jason Mercier
Humberto Brenes
Jake Cody
Liv Boeree
"Ozzy 87"
Shaun Deeb


Play at in this event will resume at 14:30 ET on Monday afternoon.


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