Pokerstars Outlines Plans For New Jersey Market

Published on October 3rd, 2013 4:33 pm EST

Pokerstars and Resorts Casino Hotel - Company LogosEarlier this week, Pokerstars revealed some of the initiatives that they are planning for the New Jersey market, should they receive a license to operate within the state.

Pokerstars has had a tough go of it so far as they attempt to establish themselves in the New Jersey online gaming market. Pokerstars had originally planned on purchasing the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, but that deal fell apart after Pokerstars was unable to secure regulatory approval in time to cinch the deal. The Atlantic Club pulled out of the deal, and the two sides continue to battle in court over the millions of dollars that Pokerstars sunk into the ill-fated purchase.

Not to be deterred, Pokerstars soon announced a partnership with the Resorts Casino Hotel. The Resorts Casino Hotel will serve as Pokerstars' foothold into the New Jersey online gaming market, should the online poker company be approved for a license.


Pokerstars has gone on the offensive in recent days, trumpeting the positive aspects of their potential entry into the New Jersey market.

According to Pokerstars, they are planning on building a $10 million poker room at the Resorts Casino Hotel. This new poker room, they say, will help to draw people to Atlantic City.

In addition, Pokerstars says that they will be investing significant amounts of money into marketing, and this will also help bring back to Atlantic City to gamble.

On top of that, Pokerstars says that they would immediately hire 50 people to help install their Internet gambling systems if they are approved for a license. In addition, Pokerstars is planning on making New Jersey their North American headquarters for Internet gambling, and this would create even more jobs.


In short, Pokerstars is planning on bringing plenty of money and plenty of jobs to New Jersey, IF they receive a license to operate within the state.

This is a big if, as there are groups who desperately want to keep Pokerstars out of any US market, including New Jersey.

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