Adrian Mateos Takes Down €1,000,000, Bracelet

Published on October 26th, 2013 3:16 pm EST

World Series of Poker Europe - Logo - WSOPEAdrian Mateos, just 19 years of age, outlasted 374 other players to take down the 2013 World Series of Poker Europe main event on Friday. Mateos, who became one of the youngest bracelet winners in history with his win, walked away with an even €1,000,000.

The final table was a very long one, as it ended up lasting a total of 290 hands. The heads-up battle between Mateos and runner-up Fabrice Soulier was a lengthy one, lasting well into the night.

In the end, youth prevailed, as Mateos was finally able to dispatch of Soulier in second place. The final hand of the event occurred when Soulier elected to commit the last of his chips after a flop of 4c-Jh-9s. After a bit of thought, Mateos called, and the two players turned over:

Soulier - 9d-8d
Mateos - As-Kc

Soulier was in very good shape with a pair of Nines, while Mateos held a couple of over cards.

The turn brought the King of Spades, propelling Mateos into the lead and leaving Soulier despondent. The river brought the 5d, improving neither hand and giving Mateos the victory.


Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

1. Adrian Mateos, €1,000,000
2. Fabrice Soulier, €610,000
3. Dominik Nitsche, €400,000
4. Jerome Huge, €251,000
5. Ravi Raghavan, €176,000
6. Benny Spindler, €126,000
7. Andrei Konopelko, €101,000
8. Shannon Shorr, €77,500

The list of WSOPE main event champions now looks like this:

2007 - Annette Obrestad
2008 - John Juanda
2009 - Barry Shulman
2010 - James Bord
2011 - Elio Fox
2012 - Phil Hellmuth
2013 - Adrian Mateos


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