Myriad of Issues Following Launch of Online Gambling in Delaware

Published on November 11th, 2013 4:25 pm EST

Delaware - Online Gambling - Casino Chips - Coat of Arms and IllustrationFollowing a successful "soft launch" that started on October 31st, online gambling is now fully open for business in the state of Delaware.

Players and industry observers were concerned over a few different issues prior to the launch, including liquidity and the ability for sites to properly geolocate players. Both of these concerns appear to have been valid, as player numbers on Delaware's three online gambling sites (Dover Downs, Delaware Park and Harrington Racing) have been very low so far.

Let's look at the peak player numbers, courtesy of, for the first few days of real money online poker in Delaware:

November 7th, 15 players
November 8th, 24 players
November 9th, 23 players
November 10th, 36 players

These numbers include, and, all of which are being operated under a 888/Scientific Games partnership.


According to some frustrated players, a number of issues have conspired to keep them from playing on Delaware's new online gambling sites.

To start, there are numerous reports of issues involving the site's geolocation technology. Many players within the state of Delaware are being tagged as being situated outside of the state. This is obviously a major issue that 888/Scientific Games will need to iron out quickly.

In addition, there have also been reports of various methods of deposit not working correctly. For those players who have been able to successfully circumvent the geolocation snafus, many are still finding themselves locked out of real money games because their credit cards are being rejected.


It will be interesting to see where the Delaware player numbers end up levelling out at once all of the issues have been resolved.



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