Published on June 5th, 2007 5:25 pm EST

You don't want to get Tony G. pissed off at you.

Tony G today blasted, stating that the site was blatantly ripping off chip counts from and posting them on their own web site. In case you didn't know, Tony G is a major shareholder in the company that owns, amongst other sites. successfully bid for the rights to be the exclusive site covering the 2007 World Series of Poker, including having people on the floor covering big hands and updating chip counts. has 40 people covering the different events, and has presumably spent a lot of money purchasing both the rights to cover the WSOP and employing the people to cover it. Allegations that is stealing their information is pretty serious, and it is understandable that Tony G would be so mad.

pokernews vs. cardplayerYou have to ask yourself this question. If is the exclusive provider of hand and chip count information, how is updating their site so fast? Where are they getting their information from if is the sole provider of information? It seems pretty obvious that they are lifting this info from

This is a bit of an ironic twist, as previously had busted Bluff Magazine for copying their content, and now they seem to be doing it themselves. The evidence of copying seems pretty damning, but I would still be interested to hear's side of the story.

Regardless, head over to, as they have EXCELLENT coverage of the World Series of Poker.. far better coverage than provided last year, in our opinion.


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